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MR. YAN (69)
” I’m writing this testimony on behalf of my father..
My father was diagnosed by the doctor with HNP in his neck and lower back.
My father is almost 70 years old. He was unable to walk because of the pain on his legs and the headache that he had. So he was in wheel chair. He was not happy and not being himself. My father was using SpineCor Bracing, having Decompression Therapy (DT), Chiropractic and Physiotherapy. It has been 2 months of therapy until now. He is now can walk without wheel chair, the neck and lower back pain has reduced about 70%. He is more energic and happier now. I’m so glad to see him like now. Thanks to Dr. Fong and BackUp staff. ”
– Cynthia –
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” Sebelum memakai SpineCor, saya sering mengalami sakit kepala sebelah atau migraine dikarenakan scoliosis yang semakin parah. Sebelum pakai SpineCor, saya memakai Brace Boston selama 1 tahun. Waktu memakai Brace Boston memang badan tegak, tapi kelelahan yang teramat sering, dan pegal-pegal, susah tidur pula karena nyeri yang terus menerus. Sekarang memakai SpineCor, tidur saya makin membaik, tidak migraine lagi..Harapan saya setelah pakai SpineCor, tubuh tidak terlalu miring atau bungkuk, dan tidak nyeri lagi…Thanks BackUp, Thanks SpineCor. ”
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JERELL  (11)
” I like to play electronic games so I hounched. My parents were angry when they see my hounch. My parents brought me here. After using the SpineCor I don’t hounch anymore. I am very thankful. ”
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REY  (13)
” Before I were SpineCor, I had headaches quite frequent. After SpineCor I do not have headaches anymore. My X-Ray after 6 month of using SpineCor showed a lot of improvement. SpineCor does not restrain me from my daily activities. I can wear it underneath my clothes and still move freely with it. No one notices when I wear SpineCor st school and when I go out, so I don’t have to feelself conscious wearing it out. ”
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FIFI (15)
” Sebelum pake SpineCor, rasanya badan tiap hari pegel, leher sakit, dll. Kepala juga suka pusing. Semenjak pake SpineCor rasanya badan jadi lebih segar dan lebih nyaman, rasa sakit juga berkurang banyak. Scoliosis pun akhirnya bias sembuh dan menjadi lebih mendingan daripada sebelumnya. ”
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