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SpineCor® System

The SpineCor® system is a flexible brace that is principally prescribed for Idiopathic Scoliosis patients with a Cobb’s angle between 15°and 50°. The brace is fitted on the patient in accordance to a thorough clinical classification and definition of curve types.

The SpineCor® Assistant Software guides the practitioner through the fitting process.

The SpineCor® System was developed in 1992 at Ste-Justine Hospital. Founded by both Professor Charles H. Rivard and Dr. Christine Coillard who worked with 65 researchers, and used a 12 million dollar grant from the Canadian Government to study Idiopathic scoliosis in children. The SpineCor® treatment was one of three new developments to come from this research.

It utilizes a soft flexible Dynamic Corrective Brace (DCB), together with a completely new treatment approach requiring clinical assistant diagnostic software (SAS) to allow accurate fitting and treatment follow up. Following 12 years of clinical research and trials, SpineCor® is now rapidly being made available to patients around the world. The initial excellent clinical results produced by the research centre at Ste Justine Hospital and the University of Montreal, Canada, have since been replicated by more than 80 other treatment centres around the world.

SpineCor® has shown to be 89% effective; clinically proven in a 400 patients, 10 years study. (either by stabilization or improvement in (Cobb) angle of the curve).

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