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SpineCor® Facts

SpineCor® Dynamic Corrective Brace is the first and only dynamic corrective brace for idiopathic scoliosis.

BEND IT WITH BANDS (Scoliosis Collaborative Care) provides SpineCor® Dynamic Corrective Brace for both young children. adolescent. SpineCor® is also used for pain management, postural correction/support or stabilisation, prevention or slowing the progression of scoliosis.

SpineCor® is a new and innovative approach to spinal treatment in both children and adults for spiral support scoliosis stabilisation and correction pain relief, postural improvement minimise scoliosis deterioration or progression by providing postural rehabilitation and spinal off-loading.


SpineCor® Facts

  • Individually tailored to each patients’ scoliosis.
  • Assessment and application based on X-rays and advanced computer software.
  • To optimise the dynamic effect of the brace, patiens are encouraged to do physical activity, perform any type of sport whilst wearing the brace (except for swimming).
  • Length of treatment program will depend on the security of the curve, age at start of treatment and its progression, but it is always a minimum of 18 months.
  • Based on the “Corrective Movement Principal”.
  • This approach provides the opportunity to re-educate and maintain the neuromuscular control of spinal corrective movement through active bio-feedback.

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